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Collefas Mot: BE Bulletproof

Collefas Mot: BE Bulletproof

BE Ultimate sponsored athlete

BE Bulletproof

Collefas Mot

by BE Ultimate



raining and rehab have in many ways dominated Collefas Mot’s life since the pandemic began. Coming off of a devastating ACL tear, the time in quarantine has allowed Collefas the opportunity to gain mobility and explosiveness where otherwise she might have struggled. It was a hard lesson to learn about serious injuries, that they stiffen and feel sore unless tended to, but it’s one Collefas has been focused on so that she can get back to 100 percent before any tournaments begin.  

“Mostly now I’m training. Working out everyday, I’m focused on mobility and stability, trying to get my knee back to being bulletproof.”

Excited about getting right back into it as soon as tournaments are announced, she’s been focused on her throws and her knee. Disc golf has proven to be helpful with staying up to date, keeping familiarity with the frisbee, and getting outside for a little fun. Another part of staying prepared is the near-constant training that Collefas goes through, exercising almost every day of the week. She focuses heavily on the legs and core, ensuring that every muscle around her vulnerable knee is ready for anything.

“When ultimate’s back, I just want to be right back in action and ready to perform. We’ve been waiting for so long, so to be in shape and have my throws back to be on top of things is what I’m focused on.”

Outside of training for ultimate, Collefas has found success in her side business of selling stickers. A working student of graphic design, she found she didn’t have time to keep up with the commissions that were being requested of her, and instead started up her own initiative of selling stickers. Working toward completing her education while working a job and a side hustle, as well as training nearly every day, is a lot, but Collefas is up to the task. It takes motivation and intensity, two qualities she does not lack. 

“Picture winning gold, picture achieving a good placement with your team. It’s really motivating.”

Watching game footage and contemplating two seasons worth of missed ultimate keeps Collefas motivated to keep going to the gym and practicing her throws. She’s found a driving force in watching games played pre-pandemic, huge layouts and skies that keep her focused on the games still to come. Her goals are lofty, aiming to represent Team Canada at Worlds at least a couple of times, play at the highest level with her twin sister Zellema, and take the new Vancouver team Red Flag to World Club Championships.  


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