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We make ordering high performing uniforms simple, efficient, and give you the quality service you deserve.
Performance Based Apparel

From fabric to finish our uniforms are built to help you excel on the field. The "BE Elite N-Series" is designed directly from a wide range of top athletes' feedback.

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Our customer success team ensures that your uniform project runs smoothly. We're here to quickly answer your questions and to ensure that what you envision for your kit is what you get.

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Receive your new fully sublimated uniforms in some of the fastest times in the industry. From the time you approve your printed panels, your jerseys will be shipped within 5 weeks.

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What they said about BE

"BE N-Weave shorts are my favorite of any company out there!"

"The Enduro-Socks are a must for me for my performance on the field, with a great compression fit and solid construction I’m able to execute at a high level - comfortably."

"The customer service was terrific. Very quick replies to emails, and all questions. The free shipping helped us a lot, as the team was very concerned with price. We LOVE the nice light material of the reversibles. The quick turn-around time was highly appreciated. The ordering process was easy"

"BE's gear feels and looks great. Special love for the pivot pant - hands down the most comfy playing pants I've used."

"Since receiving the Enduro-Socks I’ve not worn any other sock ever while playing. They regulate my feet so well and perform in both the snow in Scotland, and the heat of Australia. "