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At BE, we don’t just sell gear. We are a family that works together and supports each other in our endeavours. We believe in personal growth, team growth and the growth of Ultimate as a sport.

If you are a driven team player who has a knack with people, BE may be the right fit. If hired, BE would make it a priority to support you and build your career.

We are not currently looking for specific staff members; however, we may make space if the right person comes along. Ideally, this person will be self-driven and empowered to work independently while developing creative solutions to sales and business problems.

Some traits that would make an ideal candidate include:

  • Self-motivation
  • Capacity to problem-solve and engage in theoretical discussions
  • Engaging with high EQ
  • Outgoing and willing to put themselves out there

If interested, please apply by sending a resume and self-introduction (in the body of your email) to: rumi@beultimate.com