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We are Ultimate players making Ultimate gear for the Ultimate community. We choose to be Better than Ever and we invite you to experience what that feels like. What started as a motivational line – a mantra for training and practice – has become a guiding principle of daily practice for the company.

In its truest form, the line “Better than Ever” serves to remind, inspire, and motivate us to be our best selves. In sport, this comes from hard work, dedication, and sacrifice and we've found that it’s the same in our work.

Thus, since our inception, we have devoted our time and energy to making high-performance apparel accessible and wearable with our focus on reliable and quick turn-around times, high-performance fabrics, and quality workmanship.

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Our Team

Rumi Tejpar
Founder / CEO
Edward Guo
Katie Wong
Christian Painchaud
Carey Magnus
Lead Designer
Kevin Quinlan
Alistair Robb
Benson Yang