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Design Services

Our design realization process starts with you downloading and filling out the document below. It will prompt you for any design ideas you have; including colours, themes, fonts and logos. Try to be as specific as you can as the more detail you can offer, the quicker our design team can get to work creating your design exactly how you imagine it.

Two expert tips to ensure the best design possible: 
1. Try including a sketch of the design, even just on a scrap bit of paper 

2. Try to minimize the amount of people involved in the design process - and know that you’re never going to please everyone! Pick one or two captains to be involved in the process and trust that we’ll keep you right! There is nothing worse than trying to run a design through a large committee or full team!

Design Templates

Confident working in Adobe Illustrator? Try downloading our templates and putting together your design. The file is set up to be as simple to use as possible, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Before production one of our expert reps will review the design with you to ensure that everything looks good.

Here’s some tips:
1. Make use of our blue guidelines - they show you our suggested placements for names, numbers, and logos

2. Be sure to include any fonts that you have used when sending us over the files. You can find a whole host of font packages online for free!

Design Marketplace

Too busy to design your own gear, or want a one-stop-shop for designs? Take a look at our Marketplace which is full of great designs ready to go. We can customize the colors and add team logos to further make the design unique.

Printed Panels

Before full production begins for any design, we run a test Printed Panel. We’ll take some pictures to show you how the designs look in reality to ensure that there are no surprises when you receive the gear!

We require a signed confirmation of approval at this step before full production begins. Don’t worry - we’ll talk you through it all and point out any particular parts of the images to pay attention to!