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Well made with good fabric. Runs small

Good hat. .

Light weight. Packs small and unpacks un winkled ready to wear. Well vented - can feel breeze coming though on my balding head. Universal size fits my head well. Pull down further in windy conditions. May not fit larger head sizes.

Good Value, but 2 hats?

I love BE and enjoy their products quite a bit, but I got 2 hats in the mystery pack along with a long sleeve shirt. I didn't see hats as an option so I was suprised and a little disappointed.

Great stuff.

My son is wearing all the items we received, either for practice or to go to scho

Love BE. Most of my team jerseys are BE currently. Very clean design for this team.

Exceedingly Pleased

The merch is wonderful, customer service was exceptional, and delivery was prompt. Exceedingly pleased with my purchase! Thank you BE!!

Awesome Shirt But No Name And Number

As a fan from the uk I have waited a long time to receive my pittsburgh thunderbirds shirt, beautiful shirt but a bit disappointed it doesn't have the printed name and number on it that I asked for 😔

Go 'scades!

Wife loves her jersey, and according to the player it represents, it is exactly the same as the Jersey with by the players.

Dark N-Knit Replica Jersey | Pittsburgh Thunderbirds 2024

Great jersey to try out

I bought a clearance jersey because the youth team I help coach is interested in using BE as a vendor, so this was a great way to test the product and also get a good quality jersey at a discounted price. Good quality and seems to hold up well in the heat and other practice conditions.

Awesome hat

Looks cool and is like advertised. I have a big head so it’s a tiny bit tight for me, but it has stretched a bit with some force (: adjustable too so if you have a small head don’t worry. Shipping took 3-4 weeks but that’s what they told me it would be so no worries

Awesome- Super Happy

Very happy with everything I received!! Was surprised by the quality and amount of things I recieved

Full Sub N-Knit Long Sleeve | Steveston London Sharks Spring 2024
Long sleeve shirt


Basic Sub N-Weave Shorts | Steveston London Sharks Spring 2024
Nikki Mostert
Ulti shorts and shirt

The shorts are really great especially for when it’s hot out. The shirts are very light and has easy mobility. Great designs!

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve | Steveston London Sharks Spring 2024
Carter Chow
Was pretty good and nice jersey.

I liked the design made for the jerseys, however for the price I thought it would be a little better material. The fit was true to size and I would recommend buying if you have the money, but if you want to save money probably don’t.

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve | Steveston London Sharks Spring 2024
Duncan Robinson
Feels great

for the product itself, I couldn't be more pleased. The quality of the material is top-notch, and the design is even more vibrant and captivating in person than it appeared on the website. It truly exceeded my expectations. The fabric feels comfortable against the skin, making it perfect for intense workouts or casual wear alike.

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve | Steveston London Sharks Spring 2024
Great Quality

Breathable and lightweight jersey, great to play in!

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve | Steveston London Sharks Spring 2024
Ryan Raghani
Very Solid

Good quality but it does wear and tear quite easily when playing on turf.

Pivot Pants 2.0 | BE Core
Vishnu Lakshmanan

length is longer than expected

Extremely Satisfied

I've never had any BE apparel before so I decided to get a mystery pack to get a bunch of cool jerseys. I must have misread that it wasn't just jerseys and got a hat and a pair of pivot pants I love

Fantastic and comfortable workout pants. Definitely good for cooler weather.

Mystery Box 4-Pack | Clearance
Elysabelle Robitaille

Good fit and all is my type thanks

Women’s fit is off, weird fabric

These don’t seem to have been made to really fit an athletic woman’s body type. I’m 5’4” 125lbs and the women’s S felt tight right around the thighs and baggy through the front, though somehow tight on the back? - it just doesn’t seem like they’ve quite figured out how to make the women’s fit comfortable. Also, I found the fabric to be strangely scratchy and thin, not in an athletic material way but instead it kind of felt uncomfortable to wear. I buy the statement that it’s very breathable, but I don’t see myself ever choosing to wear these except when I have to in tournaments.

Full Sub N-Knit Long Sleeve (Dark) | Germany Senior Open Spring 2024
HiQ Review
Good material, poor cut

The N-Knit long sleeve is made of a nice material that feels sturdy but also light and breathable and has a bit of stretch. Unfortunately it is cut poorly and as if it were not made for sports in several regards:
- the main torso section is boxy and has no tapering
- the sleeves are not designed for movement, no raglan sleeve nor gusseting--as soon as you start lifting your arms, the sleeves start pulling up the arm. This means the arms do not move with you and your body as you swing your arms for running, raise an arm for catching, or just go for a hug.
- I got +2 inches on the arms and it just comes to my wrists when my arms are down. Most clothes from American or European companies fit me well in the arms without additional material, so consider when ordering. Particularly considering the previous point about the sleeves pulling up with movement