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What’s New with Taiga?

What’s New with Taiga?

What’s New with Taiga?

At BE, we are always on the journey to make our products better than ever. We are pleased to reveal that we have elevated the fit of everyone's long-time favorite, short-sleeve and long-sleeve Taiga jerseys. 

Why the change?

So I'm sure you're wondering, why make changes to an already great jersey? Well in summary here's why:

  • To match the Taiga jersey fit to the N-Knit jersey fit
  • To make grading (sizing) more consistent across our products

We want every BE jersey to perform at the highest level and give all ultimate athletes the ability to play game after game distraction free. The original fit of the Taiga jerseys
were slightly tighter and the length inconsistent to the N-knit jerseys.

By bringing the Taiga jerseys to align with the fit of N-Knit Jerseys, we make your life easier during the ordering process so that no matter which jersey you pick you'll know the fit.

We met with a product developer to make these changes with one goal in mind - to give you a high performing perfect fitting jersey and that's what we've done.

What can I expect with my new Taiga Jersey?

If you are to order the same size as your previous Taiga jerseys, you can expect a larger fit, specifically in the chest and around the neck. They will now fit the same as your N-knit Jerseys so if you own an N-Knit you should be able to order the same size as that.

    Check out our knowledge base for all the updates and measurement changes for both men's and women's Taiga jerseys.

    How are these changes making the product better?

    A good-fitting jersey means you don’t have to think twice, from ordering to getting dressed on game day.

    • These updates will give more space to breathe
    • Free from restrictions to let you play your game in comfort and style
    • A Taiga jersey and an N-Knit will fit very similar
    • Giving our customers confidence knowing that no matter what they order they will get the right-fitting jersey.

    Look through our complete sizing guide for all the information on locking down your size.

    Trust in BE

    Improving our products is all a part of learning and growing as a company to give Ultimate athletes the gear they know and love, and trust that year after year and product after product their kits will keep up with them on the field.