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Ultimate Peace - More Than Just a Sports Camp

Ultimate Peace - More Than Just a Sports Camp

Ultimate Peace - More Than Just a Sports Camp

Creating Change

In a world divided by cultural, social, political, and religious  differences, Ultimate Peace stands out as an international organization  committed to promoting unity and growth through the sport of ultimate. Since 2009, this international non-profit organization has been dedicated to providing groundbreaking cross-cultural sports, education, and leadership programs in the Middle East.

Over the years, UP has  brought together over 2,000 diverse teens from self-identified Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian communities, to learn the sport of ultimate frisbee, make new friends, and build a shared community together! The teens involved  live in a completely divided society; their ability to have contact with one another and access the same programs simply does not exist. Ultimate Peace refuses not accept that reality.

David Barkan, CEO of Ultimate Peace shares “Every young person does not have equal access to all our sport has to offer, and we are passionate about changing that. Through our partnership with BE Ultimate, we can ensure that every athlete and coach who joins Ultimate Peace looks their best and feels, most importantly, that they belong.”

Peace and Purpose

At the core of Ultimate Peace's program is a fundamental concept: when young people who would never otherwise meet share positive experiences with common goals, they discover genuine human connections that can be transformative.

Focusing on the joy of playing together on the same team creates:

  • More fun in practice and competition
  • Increased compassion for teammates and opponents 
  • Competition that is tough, respectful, and fair
  • An ultimate community in which everyone feels at home

Click here and listen to how these youth have been impacted by Ultimate Peace!


New Country, New Opportunities - U.S. Camp

Ultimate Peace is now launching its first-ever U.S.-based overnight summer camp, which will be held from July 1-7, 2023, at the beautiful Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

This camp will provide a special place where 80 high school athletes from the most diverse backgrounds will come together to play ultimate, bond as teammates, and create community. The U.S. camp aims to apply the lessons learned in the Middle East while adapting to the unique dynamics of North America.

U.S Camp Goals:

  • Have a blast with new friends on and off the field
  • Live UP’s 5 values: Mutual Respect, Nonviolence, Friendship, Integrity, and Fun
  • Explore identities and ideals as athletes, teammates, and humans
  • Develop team-building and leadership skills in every player
  • Provide an ultimate camp experience that integrates the whole person

Diversity Through and Through

The camp will be staffed by exemplary coaches and athletes, including national/world champions, Ultimate Hall of Fame members, and top instructors from around the world. The diverse staff will include members of the women’s world champion team from Colombia, Revolution, national team members from the US and Canada, and staff/graduates from the Middle East program.

A Powerful Partnership

“We at Ultimate Peace are absolutely thrilled to partner with BE Ultimate, to optimize our shared belief in the power of ultimate to strengthen, and ultimately unite, our communities around the world.” says David.

BE Ultimate and Ultimate Peace align with a focus on building inclusive communities. Ultimate Peace utilizes the sport of ultimate as a tool to create genuine connections between youth of different social and cultural backgrounds. BE Ultimate aims to enable and encourage athletes of all levels to be a part of an evolving community that goes beyond the sport.

Rumi Tejpar, CEO of BE Ultimate says “We share the same values and look to inspire the next generation. We have recognized the incredible impact of Ultimate Peace's work and know that this partnership will help to raise awareness and break down barriers for the future of the sport and our society.”

How to Show Your Support

Ultimate Peace is always accepting donations and appreciates any support to continue to spread awareness about their organization and everything it stands for.

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