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How to Design the Perfect Alternate Jersey for WUCC/WMUCC

How to Design the Perfect Alternate Jersey for WUCC/WMUCC

How to Design the Perfect Alternate Jersey for WUCC/WMUCC

After a host of cancelations last year, there's plenty of tournaments to get excited about for 2022. The World Ultimate Club Championships are coming up, as well as Masters, Juniors, International and National Championships. Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how your team is going to look. 

It’s going to be a special year - so it’s worth thinking about a special kit to get you there. It’s worth thinking about an alternate jersey.

Why create an alternate jersey for WUCC/WMUCC?

Save some money while making the year special 

If you’re not redesigning your whole kit in 2022, you’d probably rather not buy a whole new kit just for one (awesome) tournament, but you want to capture the excitement this experience will bring. An alternate jersey can serve that purpose

Long, hot tournaments need a change of clothes.

For example WUCC is 7 days - a long time to wear the same two shirts, sometimes both on the same day. And, if we look at WUCC 2018, also held in Lebanon, Ohio, temperatures were around 28-30 degrees Celsius and 92% humidity. You’re going to want a fresh jersey if your team and opponents will stand smelling you.

Rep your country and your team identity in a fresh design 

An alternate jersey is an opportunity to go in a different direction, design-wise. Since it’s a global tournament, you can reference your country in the design for a patriotic touch. You’re also allowed to use the WUCC logo, so you can immortalize the experience every time you put it on.



Tips to make the perfect design 

  • Look at your current jersey, and find a secondary or tertiary color aside from the main one(s). Use those colors to base your alternate jersey.
  • Find details in your current jersey that you could expand or replicate. This will keep the same feel and theme for your entire kit, while adding a fresh spin
  • Have any inside jokes, team slogans or mottos? Now’s the team to use them. Sneak them onto the armband or lining of the seams.
  • Incorporate your country’s name, flag or other icons.
  • If you like, use the WUCC official logo somewhere, to commemorate the event. Just make sure it’s max 10 cm or 4 inches wide and only used on your jersey or shorts (not on hats, long-sleeves or warmups).  
  • Think outside the box - check out other jerseys, other designs, even other sports for inspiration. Remember, this is a big event! You’ll want a professional feel, while conserving your team identity. 

How other teams designed their alternates

  • Ring of Fire designed a colorful alternate to their whites, inspired by the NBA team Houston Astros alternate jerseys
  • Both Sub-Zero and Sockeye designed eye-popping alternates using bright stripes. An eye-catching look that caused a lot of talk and hype online!



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