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Design Realization || How to design a full uniform at any level

Design Realization || How to design a full uniform at any level

At BE Ultimate, we have worked tirelessly to create a design process that allows you to get exactly what you want, quickly. We crafted a system to meet you wherever you are, from concept to print and anywhere in between!

Start with our Design Realization document. 


What is that? Sounds intimidating...

The Design Realization document is a simple document that asks you basic questions about your design or inspiration. You will fill out any design ideas you have, including colors, themes, fonts, and logos. The more specific you are, the better, as the more detail you can offer, the quicker our design team can get to work creating your design exactly how you imagine it. This process is fun and exciting. Scour the internet for awesome concepts, cool colors, and clean logos. This is the beginning of your team’s identity. It deserves the kind of attention you would give to your practices.


These expert tips will ensure that we create the best design possible: 

- Include a sketch of the design, even just on a scrap of paper.

- Try to minimize the number of people involved in the design process, and know that you’re never going to please everyone! Pick one or two captains to be involved in the process, and trust that we’ll keep you on the right track. There is nothing more difficult than trying to run a design through a large committee or full team.

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