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BE Ultimate Canada 'En français'

BE Ultimate Canada 'En français'

BE Ultimate Canada 'En français'

Going International

BE Ultimate is again never settling. As we push ourselves every day to offer better services, incredible ultimate apparel, and great customer experience, we also take pride in our ability to listen to our clients and adapt to meet their expectations. In fact, now that our brand is expanding to reach international markets, we realized that dealing with customers in their native tongue was a key factor of success. On the one hand, it is a mark of respect and recognition of cultural diversity. It is too easy that everyone can communicate in English. Thus, on the other hand, it is simplifying communications, helping to set clear expectations, and improving processes efficiency.

English | Français

It naturally made sense that the first language to translate our activities into would be French. As a Canadian company, being able to operate in both official languages was necessary. It is also opening the opportunity to reach the francophone community around the world. Last year’s merger with Taïga Ultimate brought all the tools and assets to make it happen.

A New Experience

Today, we are proud to announce that our Canadian website is fully functional in English and in French! We also offer the option to manage your team orders in your preferred language.

Quick facts

1. Beultimate.ca available in both French and English

2. If you would prefer, you can choose a French-speaking BE product expert to handle your entire order.

3. Creation of our French hashtags #soistoimême #trouvetapassion #sanslimite #meilleurquejamais

4. Pushing more content relevant adapted regionally. (Big surprise coming soon!)