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4 Ways That Team Stores Make Your Life Easier

4 Ways That Team Stores Make Your Life Easier

4 Ways That Team Stores Make Your Life Easier

At BE Ultimate we’ve developed a way for everyone on your team to order their apparel individually using our team stores. Whether you’re a coach, manager, or player, our team stores will make your life easier. 

Get exactly what you want

If you’re a coach or manager who’s organizing new gear for the team, you still get to view all of your options and choose a selection that will work for your squad. As a player, you can view the jerseys, pants, and hoodies available to you, and choose exactly what you want in both style and fit.

No more money chasing

When you order through a team store, everybody pays for themselves when they check out, same as when you order anything online. Since everyone pays through the online checkout, nobody has to worry about collecting money at practices or remembering to bring wads of cash to the field.


How to Order
Your complete guide to ordering ultimate uniforms

Tailored to fit

Through our team stores, players are able to customize their sizing to exact specifications. You no longer have to choose between generic small, medium, or large sizes; we offer variable iterations on each product so that every player can customize their gear to their own specs. Add or subtract length on shorts and jerseys by simply selecting your preference. Additionally, prior to shipment each individual will receive an email with an order summary, so everyone knows exactly what they’re getting.

Information for all

As an organizer, you’ll get access to a Captain’s Report that allows you to view what everyone on your team has purchased through the team store. So while you don’t have to stress about gathering everyone’s money and sizing information, you can still ensure that everyone will get a jersey before the team store closes. Each player will receive updates to their inbox about the order as a whole and the expected timelines. Instead of putting even more pressure on the organizer, you’ll be updated about production and shipping directly.

We pre-package each jersey in its own compostable bag. This makes sorting and distributing the equipment easy, so there is no more digging around trying to figure out who had what number. The individual packaging keeps everything orderly and looking ready to wear as so


We built our team stores with the intention of making life easier. With our decentralized system that empowers individual players and makes information readily available to everyone involved, it’s a breeze to keep track of every aspect of your order, from prices to shipping times. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, and if you’re ready to start ordering, don’t hesitate!



How to Order

Your complete guide to ordering ultimate uniforms