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Package Details:

2X Full Sub Jerseys.

Full sublimation is the best way to have full control over every inch of your jersey. The design is printed directly onto the fabric before it is sewn together so designs can span the entire length of the shirt, go across seams, over shoulders - anything you want. Sublimation will last as long as the material does. It will not fade, crack, or peal. The design and the jersey become one. Ink chemically bonds with the fabric, leaving a flush vibrant design. Full sublimation requires a significant amount of design attention and we recommend someone with design puts together the necessary package - or contact us for more help. 

1x Basic Sub Standard Shorts

Basic sublimation is the same as full sublimation, except that there are design restrictions to consider. In this case, design is limited to player number + team logo on a black or grey pair of shorts. 

1x Pair of Free Enduro Socks

The Enduro Socks are built to support you throughout your workouts, practices, and tournaments. Contents: 20 % Coolmax, 20% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 6% Spandex

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