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Sunset Desert CUC LS

Sunset Desert CUC LS

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Long sleeve shirt


HiQ Review
Good material, poor cut

The N-Knit long sleeve is made of a nice material that feels sturdy but also light and breathable and has a bit of stretch. Unfortunately it is cut poorly and as if it were not made for sports in several regards:
- the main torso section is boxy and has no tapering
- the sleeves are not designed for movement, no raglan sleeve nor gusseting--as soon as you start lifting your arms, the sleeves start pulling up the arm. This means the arms do not move with you and your body as you swing your arms for running, raise an arm for catching, or just go for a hug.
- I got +2 inches on the arms and it just comes to my wrists when my arms are down. Most clothes from American or European companies fit me well in the arms without additional material, so consider when ordering. Particularly considering the previous point about the sleeves pulling up with movement

Love my new jersey!

I got a jersey - not for my team, but for my daughter's team - and it is great! Nice quality, breathable, true to size (use the measurements!). I'm psyched to cheer from the sidelines swagged out in my new shirt!

Sunset Desert CUC LS