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Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (Dark) | Toronto UnionSpring 2023


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Mario Tavolieir

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Andrew Healey

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Judy B
So thrilled!

I love walking around (NYC! Ha!) in my DC Breeze: Merriman Jersey. It is fun how many people know Merriman and high 5 me!

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (Dark) | Toronto UnionSpring 2023


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The N-Knit Short Sleeve Jersey is made for elite performance. The form-fitting cut of this jersey is the result of extensive testing to ensure that the jersey does not distract from or hinder your performance.


Redefining breathability, fit, and comfort.

The N-Knit Fabric
  • Moisture Control

    Our 135 GSM sublimation-specific poly-knit translates to a high-performing, lightweight, breathable and quick-drying jersey to provide ultimate comfort and efficiency.

  • Low-Distraction Design

    With extra space where you need it and less fabric and weight where you don't, these sleek and stylish jerseys will move with you, not against you.

  • Sublimation Specific

    Show your style with our customization options. Our prints are crack-proof and fade-proof with a flat and unobtrusive finish.

  • Designed Durability

    Our jerseys are constructed using flat-lock stitching for a low-friction and high-durability finish that will endure as much as you do.