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Full Sub N-Knit Polo | Ultimate Québec Quick Fall 2023

Full Sub N-Knit Polo | Ultimate Québec Quick Fall 2023

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Tim Tsang
Its sick

Its sick, Dog

Eric Wright
Premiere Party Polo

I recently purchased the dre day N-knit polo and could not be happier with my purchase. To start the CEO of BE ultimate hand delivered our polos and proceeded to party with us all weekend. Above and beyond service. The versatility was incredible, the polo handled disc golf, golf, degenerate loonie gambling and of course da club. Anywhere we went we received compliments on both the design and obvious craftsmanship of the n-knit. At premiere whistler night club Apres Apres we stood out from the crowd of 3 other patrons. Certain members of the group even tested the polos resistance to pole wear and let me say it did not hold them back. All in all very satisfied with the purchase, and will be returning to BE ultimate for future dre related purchases.

Looking distinguished improves performance for all three halves

Being able to get a nationals compliant jersey as a polo is clutch. It allows me to compete and represent my team off the field in a unique way. The only thing keeping it from five stars is that one of the internal stitching lines is a little coarse and rubs ever so slightly.

Full Sub N-Knit Polo | Ultimate Québec Quick Fall 2023


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The N-Knit fabric is the most breathable and quickest drying on the market. Engineered for comfort, the fabric's versatility is perfect for a day on the course.


Redefining breathability, fit, and comfort.

The N-Knit Fabric
  • Moisture Control

    Our 135 GSM sublimation-specific poly-knit translates to a high-performing, lightweight, breathable and quick-drying jersey to provide ultimate comfort and efficiency.

  • Low-Distraction Design

    With extra space where you need it and less fabric and weight where you don't, these sleek and stylish jerseys will move with you, not against you.

  • Sublimation Specific

    Show your style with our customization options. Our prints are crack-proof and fade-proof with a flat and unobtrusive finish.

  • Designed Durability

    Our jerseys are constructed using flat-lock stitching for a low-friction and high-durability finish that will endure as much as you do.