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Time of the Season: Here are a few tips

Time of the Season: Here are a few tips

Hello all you book reading, essay writing, article annotating, chemical mixing, number crunching, disc tossing ultimate players!

It’s that time of year again where college and high school ultimate teams across the USA are gearing up and hitting the fields in preparation for the spring season. As individuals, including myself, lace up our mud caked cleats and slip on our grassed stained jerseys, our minds flood with thoughts of hard preparation, a new chance at a nationals run, and of course, new team uniforms. Though giving your team a fresh look is an exciting notion, there are four very important things that need to be considered.


At this point during the season, every team has picked up some rookies that have yet to slip into one of your team’s jerseys. Sure it’s fun to give them embarrassing nicknames and make them carry the equipment but, at the end of the day, they are cherished just like every other player on the team. So, with that in mind, it begins to feel important that their first jersey is something you both can be proud of. After all, they won’t be rookies forever, and for some, they might even end up being your captain.


There are many ultimate teams that hit a point where they realize that their team has completely changed. Their old leaders and teammates have moved on and there is now an entirely new wave of ultimate players making up your starting lines. This change of players causes a change of identity and, with a change of identity, comes a change in the look your team is going for. Though an exciting time to be a part of, many teams find themselves stuck not knowing how to create a full design. The best way to approach this is to first understand what your team values in a jersey and how that reflects your identity. A good jumping off point for this is to first create a logo and overall concept that accurately represents your team. Not sure where to start?



There is a couple aspects of making a jersey that needs to be considered when preparing for a team season. To begin by talking about regional championships, USAU requires all players to have jerseys of a matching color. This can be done easily through simply all wearing black and white, though, there is still an issue as to what happens after regionals. If your team were to make Nationals, it would be required that you had uniforms (shorts and jerseys) of the same color and design. Your jersey would have to display a number on the front and back uniformly in the same placement between each player. The designers at Taiga Ultimate are very aware of these regulations and diligently keep their eyes out for any designs that do not cater to these rules. The last thing we would every want is to send you a jersey you couldn't wear.


Uniforms are the identity of your team. They speak for who you are and show your opponent what they are up against before you even step foot on the field.

It’s simple: when you look like a team you feel like a team. Sadly though, for a lot of people they do not realize this until they receive their jerseys just before the series. The importance of appearing like a team is an idea that often goes unthought about until you finally stand on a line with teammates who are dressed head to foot in your team colors. Then you realize there is no better feeling than laying out for a disc, skying an opponent, or getting a universe-point block with your team’s logo on your chest.

And you know what? Taiga Ultimate is a design centric company because we understand the value of great uniforms for strong team identity and belonging. There is no more need to spend your season looking like your team came to play pickup.

Get your order in early so you can be dressed to succeed. We can help your team create something to be proud of.