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Three Steps to Build a Clear Uniform Design Plan

Three Steps to Build a Clear Uniform Design Plan

We often work with teams who are considering refreshing their club's image and bring the group together with brand new uniforms. Let's suppose that you'd be in charge of the design project, with no experience and many screaming teammates. Seems complicated?

No problem.

We're here to provide you with the tools to build a clear plan for the production of a uniform design that will WOW the sidelines, and you can do so at low cost and with ease. We will focus on examples of sublimation printing—the best and most versatile technique (and also our speciality).


  1. Identity
  2. Colors, logo, and fonts
  3. Item positioning
  4. Bonus: Other design resources

Know Yourselves (As a Team)

The key to good design is a clear vision of your team identity. Consider these three questions that could help you develop your team design:

  • Who are you?
  • What unites you?
  • What message/idea does your team wish to convey?

Colors, Logo, and Fonts

Remember that from two fields away, color is the first element perceived by the eyes and processed by the brain. Next are shapes and contrasts and, finally, the more subtle details like logos and fonts. Choose a main color that represents you. Promote contrasting colors for your main palette and then add a few secondary colors (one to three colors) to complete your design.

  • The logo contains your message and is placed at the center of your brand image. Impact and simplicity are two characteristics common to good logos that maximize the strength of the signal you are sending.
  • Finally, take the time to choose the right font for names and numbers. Emphasize legibility in terms of shape and size.

Put it Together

The final result is the assembly of basic elements that form a uniform design:

  • The logo
  • The background
  • Names and numbers
  • Complementary elements (the little details that make your design unique)

The uniform background and the logos can be either simple or detailed. Your uniform layout will combine them.

  • Simple background + simple logo = minimalist
  • Simple background + detailed logo = spot-sub jerseys or basic sub shorts
  • Detailed background + simple logo = most popular choice
  • Detailed background + detailed logo = risky but great if it works!

Sublimation printing offers you endless design possibilities!

About BE Design Services

For teams serious about placing a team order with BE Ultimate, we offer the first five hours of graphic design service for free. In most cases, those five hours are enough to complete the full design project. Beyond that, a fee of $45/hour may apply.

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DIY Option and Other Resources

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