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Taiga Travels West!! : Hello Misfit!!

Taiga Travels West!! : Hello Misfit!!

Taïga Ultimate is honored and excited to announce our new partnership with Misfit Ultimate.

Misfit is a junior ultimate program in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was founded in 2006 by six kids who were cut from other summer club teams, so they decided to create their own team to play on.

In the last decade, Misfit has grown into the premier juniors program in the province. From six kids looking to play more ultimate to 10 teams; made up of touring teams who compete at the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC’s), regional teams who compete in tournaments around BC, and a drop-in skills clinic known as Thunderclub.

Misfit has a junior women’s and open team for each of the teams in the program. The top touring team in the club is Misfit, followed by Mischief and Rolling Thunder. The regional teams include Uprise and Havoc.

The program plays host to 280 high school aged athletes from May through August every summer and has over 400 athletes attending tryouts each year. Misfit has around 30 coaches to keep the machine running smoothly.

For the program, Taïga will be outfitting each team with jerseys, shorts, and warm-up jerseys.

“We’re excited to work with an all Canadian manufactured brand,” said Alex Lam, coordinator for the Misfit program.

The ability to produce high-quality jerseys locally in Canada was a major selling point for Misfit as they made the decision to go with Taïga Ultimate this year.

We, here at Taiga, are very excited to help Mitsfit design their new uniforms.

Last year, the Misfit junior women’s team won CUC’s in extraordinary circumstances by upsetting the number one seeded team Alpha, the provincial team also from British Columbia, in the final.

Misfit will look to continue to build their program, in their new Taïga jerseys, with the help of the momentum gained from a national title victory under their belt.

This year, the tryouts for the Misfit touring teams will be happening June 1st, 3rd, and 4th with the tryouts for regionals teams following on June 7th, 10th, and 11th.

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