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Grab a disc. Find a park. It's SUMMER!

Grab a disc. Find a park. It's SUMMER!


It is time for BBQ’s, sunshine, swimming, causal tossing, and of course, fully sublimated tank tops. Another winter of indoor ultimate has perfected our blades and scoobers. Spring has allowed us to get a taste of good weather and shake off the rust. Summer is the best. Re-discover how much you love playing ultimate. Show up to practice early to toss. Make an excuse to ditch work and run deep. Layout full extension into a pool.

What better way to play a game of pick up then to show up wearing a jersey with a kitten on front walking away from an explosion?  Or a Stormtrooper riding a metallic unicorn? Your friends are sure to be jealous.

We don't get sunshine like this year round so take advantage!! Play as much ultimate as you physically can. And then play more. Then when you're done, go watch ultimate. After that go to a professional ultimate game. Sleep then repeat.

Taïga is excited to announce our summer deals campaign. Whether you need customized tanks, shorts, embroidered hats or ¾ leggings we have what you need to complete your summer look. Take advantage and layout.