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Get Your Gear Faster!!

Get Your Gear Faster!!

Ordering customized gear is exciting and allows you to grow your team's brand. In order to do it effectively, and save time, here are some simple tips to get your swag as quick as possible..

1. Focus on your design concept:

- Someone on the team is a designer? Great! Send us your designs in AI or EPS format! We take care of the rest.
- No designer available? Send us your ideas.
- Anything will work at this point: concept/sketch, text description, or create a mood boardThat will help our design team to throw together some mock-ups for you.
- No idea? Let's schedule a Skype meeting with us! We will take 45 minutes to walk you through the design process.

2. Do some research!

- What kind of printing do you need for your design?

- Do you want full sub gear? Spot Sub? Screenprint? What are these things?

3. Manage your schedule.

- Consider the season and products involved?

- Full-Sub gear production is more complex and takes the longest -- usually 15 workdays +shipping.
- It's always best to get your order in early! Plan ahead! Send us your tournament schedule and we will discuss a timeline for your gear.

4. Enjoy the process.

- Creating your brand is exciting!
- We know how important your gear is! We want nothing more than for you to have a great experience with us.