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Ultimate apparel and the freedom of self expression.

Ultimate apparel and the freedom of self expression.

Happy New Year Taiga friends and family! We are extremely excited for what 2017 has in store for us. We have been undergoing a lot of innovative changes and look forward to their fruition! Bringing some new talent on board, expanding our reach in different markets, and diversifying our products. We decided to sit down with our newest member of the Taiga team. Check out Rob’s take on the ultimate community and the characteristic that transcend it.

“Growing up I played a multitude of different sports.  Soccer, basketball, golf, I was even on my high school bowling team for three years. And like so many of us I didn’t discover ultimate until my freshman year at college.  I think I pretty quickly knew it was for me, I was going to a large D1 university and knew that I wasn’t going to just be able to walk onto the soccer team there so I decided if I still wanted to play sports I  would have to play a club sport.  Rugby players were way larger than me, volleyball players a lot taller than me and ultimate players were mostly the same size as me, so it ended up being an easy decision.  

I don’t want to take anything away from any other sport, every sport out there has different reasons that make that sport great and the fans and players adore it. But with ultimate there was something different, besides the large scale layouts and big skying grabs and the way the disc beautifully sails through the air, there was this idea, this notion, this very present feeling about beauty of self expression.  Non-verbally, it wasn’t suggested it was encouraged to be yourself whoever you are, be whoever you feel you want to be and wear whatever clothing you enjoy wearing.  I could see and feel all of this from my first few days of interacting with the team and people who had been around the sport for a while.  

Whenever I think back to my first practice or the first tournament it always makes me think about a song and its video, No rain by Blind Melon, you may not know the band or the song but if you look it up you’ve almost definitely heard it. The music video is basically about finding your own kind and dancing in an open field with people who share common interests with you and don’t care at all how you choose to present yourself.  That’s how I remember it, finding an open field full of people and thinking “oh my goodness all these people are just like me!”  

One thing all ultimate players know is we like our loud colors, plain jerseys can be classy, but we like our clothing to draw some looks when we aren’t out frolicking with our own kind. After Joining Taiga, I found that the full sub leggings really had that "loud colors & uniqueness spirit". Take a look for yourself here!! They are great because you will no longer have those annoying holes on the knee of your leggings and you won’t have to worry about scrapes, bruises or cuts on your knees. They keep you safe, comfortable and as swagged out as possible!!”

Cheers to a New Year!!