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2016 top 5 Jerseys!!

2016 top 5 Jerseys!!

Hi guys. Name’s Steve and I've been playing ultimate for a few years now. I joined Taiga because I've always liked to help others and the values of Taiga align with mine and the company is just a bunch of guys who want to give quality product to every team. I am a Sales Representative in the United States with plans to put Taiga on the map among the other Ultimate apparel companies. Also, I write on a hockey blog about jerseys so when it's only natural that I write about the top 5 jersey designs of 2016.

We all know that the uniform is a big part of the identity of an ultimate team and as much as some of us don't like to admit it, 1-upping a team on uniforms is a part of the sport. It's a team's identity. It's what helps you stand out. All that being said, here are my top 5 Taiga designs of 2016.

5.) University Laval

When I see this the words that come to mind are simple and bold. That yellow stripe sticks out really well as well as the white lettering and number. It's a really good simple design overall. U Laval was designed by Matt “Gourou” Pesant, from Quebec City. We’re proud to say that Matt has also been working with us on upcoming projects.

4.) Turf Ultimate 

Who doesn't love a good classic video game? These jerseys just hit it out the park without being too gimmicky. The colors pop and it brings back all sorts of nostalgia. All you need are some bright colored cleats and you've got a great set. This is actually the second Turf uniform design in two years. This time, they asked Anne Dansereau-Menard to create something amazing, and she did!

3.) Anchor Ultimate

This jersey is very eerie looking. You have the lighthouse, anchor logos as a pattern on the stormy looking backgrounds, and that glowing color just give it that “ghost ship” vibe. Designed by Taïga Ultimate. After a bunch of e-mails, we sat down with Anchor’s leadership and nailed all the details in 1 hour of productive face-to-face work. We are always available to help you with your uniform design, either in person or over video chat.

2.) Sunken Circus

My first thought is that someone with a highly low attention span thought this up but this works really well overall. I get a “Rocko’s Modern Life” meets a really messed up circus feel to it (don't ask how it works it just does) and really helps the team to stand out. Shout out to their designer!! Bon Job!

1.) Cedarville Swarm

This jersey is the perfect mix of making a statement without shoving it in your face. The fading honeycomb design and text really accent each other to make this a really simple but effective jersey. Cedarville's designer, Josh Shamburger, did a great job making this design unique and subtle all at the same time. Nice work!

Well that's my top five. I'd like to say that I look forward to writing some more posts and seeing all the crazy and unique uniform designs different teams come up with. Steve out.