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3 Tips for Great Sublimation Design

Sublimation 101

Since April, Taïga shipped more than 300 sublimated jerseys. We paid great attention to the various designs submitted. We learned many things along the way, and we wanted to share our notes with you. 

The Setup

First, you have to know that the fabric is initially always completely white. Sublimation is like HD printing on a paper sheet. The color gets inside the textile fiber. This process gives users almost infinite design possibilities. However, with great powers come great responsibilities. So please, be careful, or you might end up with not-so-good-looking sublimated jerseys.

The 3 Tips

Now why is it good design? Because they focus on the right elements:

  1. Colors. Sublimation gives you the opportunity to use any of the 1,114 pantone color. That's how the Pancakes have a unique blue no one else have, and a sponsor in the back with its own colors.  
  2. Focus. It can be very tricky to try to be all over the place with dozens of elements, shadings, overlaps, and zig-zags. Some teams, like X-Squad can actually end-up with great designs. But keep in mind that less is more. Maximize impact with a few but super punched elements.
  3. Balance. Another way sublimation is much better than screen printing is that you can put BIG logos anywhere on your jersey. There isn't any risk of ending up with a big fat ink crust. You can also be more creative with the names and numbers fonts and sizes. Thus, sublimation allows you to create a great design by achieving balance between the jersey's different elements sizes and location.

 Here are a few projects that you should consider as classic examples of sublimation design best practices:

L'équipe Tchèque de lancer du disque de 1972 

L'équipe Tchèque de lancer du disque de 1972 

The Pancakes

Magma Ultimate

Kerozen Ultimate