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The Ultimate Frisbee Jersey

Way More Than a Simple T-Shirt

Volleyball, basketball, baseball, hockey, handball, football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby; team sports have their own cultures and distinct styles. Many ultimate players used to practice those sports and still identify to their standards. Like short shorts and tight jerseys for volleyball, v-neck t-shirts for soccer, long sleeve polo for rugby. However, before appearance, sports are built on values and social codes.

Regarding values and social codes, ultimate has been shining on its own, building a community under the banner of self arbitration, fair-play, dialogue, and individual and collective responsibility. Thus propagating a culture light years ahead of the cro-Magnon hockey, of which I spent many years in the elite ranks.

But! (Yes, there's a but) I remember very well that amazing feeling of putting on the team jersey before the games. Before each game, I knew I did belong to that team, no matter what, they had my back. It was more than a jersey, it was a symbol.

From that memory rises our desire to create a jersey that will make you proud, that will shield you from defeat, that will be your standard announcing your victory.

The Ultimate Jersey

Winning or loosing, at the end of the day, isn't what's really important. In fact, those jerseys are meant to bring you together with your friends, teammates and opponents, to play ultimate frisbee.

Thus we're on a mission to create the best ultimate frisbee jersey. We believe that this jersey should be available to all teams, whether they competitive or recreational. We believe that this jersey should be highly customized to allow you to express exactly who you are. We believe that this jersey all sports requirements: to be light and flexible, and to dry very fast. And this jersey is hitting the market at an exceptional price. 

Taïga's Exceptional Deal


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