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Sublimation Printing + Flat Design = Win!

Sublimation Printing + Flat Design = Win!

Less is more.

To design team uniforms often seems challenging. There are a few tricks, however, that can simplify your task. This post is meant to help you focus on the most important features of your uniform. We also suggest that you use flat design which allows to express your identity with all its punch while keeping things simple.

The 2016 Penn State - Love Tap - Team Jersey

Pink & Black. What a great contrast!  Love Tap added a great touch to the jersey by  printing a huge heart with all the blood system. You can't miss it. This can't be done without sublimation printing.

The 2016 San Diego State University Men's Team Jersey

The first thing we see is the size of the numbers enhanced by the sharp contrast between black and white, and a crisp font. The next interesting feature is the asymmetrical sleeves. The left one is striped and the right one displays California Republic's Bear. Simple flat design is effective and goes right to the point. 

The 2015 Cal Poly Pomona - Cow Ultimate - Team Jersey

This project was about choosing the right color.  Cow Ultimate needed a specific green. Sublimation printing allows our clients to choose exactly the color they're looking for. A very big part of your team's brand starts by choosing the right color mix.

We hope you found some inspiration and learned a few practical things about ultimate frisbee jersey design. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!