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Dena Elimelech

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Dena Elimelech

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ena is ready? Are you?

Q: What is motivating you for 2019? 

A:I am driven by watching our team grow, and I have a drive to overcome the shortcomings of last year.

Q: What does your training regiment look like?

A: Three three-hour practices a week, one 90 minute track practice, and at least 2 lifting days! I am also doing my best to stick with the Morrill Performance training program which has been making my game better.

Q: Who inspires you on your team and in the ultimate community as a whole?

A: Leanne Go is an inspiration to me on and off the field. On the field, she is a strong, smart, and dependable player. Off the field, she gives great advice, lifts up the team, and helps us fix our on-field mistakes. No matter the game situation, she gives 100% and pushes us to be better. In the ultimate community as a whole, I am inspired by other people I have played against, whether it be college teams or club teams, I learn from and am in awe of people in ultimate!

Q: What is your mindset when you take the field?

A: My mindset when I take the field, no matter if it is practice or a game, is that I am there to get smarter, play harder, and learn from those around me.

Q: What do you do outside of ultimate?

A: Outside of ultimate, I am mainly studying environmental science and painting.

Q: What is something you are very passionate about that you think people should be more educated on?

A: People need to be educated on climate change and the range of effects we are having on our Earth. We are at a point where we cannot sit back and watch, we need to be active and aware.

Q: What tournaments are you attending this year?

A: Presidents Day, Stanford Invite, Northwest Challenge, (and Sectionals, Regionals, and hopefully Nationals).

Q: What are your goals for 2019?

A: My goals are to get stronger and play smarter, while still being a dedicated captain and team player.

Q: What are three pieces of advice you would tell yourself when you first started play?


  1. Learn from and listen to the people around you! This was probably the most important thing I did when I first started playing.
  2. Open your eyes to the whole field, see the motion of play as a whole rather than focusing on only your thrower/cutter/person you are defending.
  3. So much of ultimate is mental. It’s good to take a breath on the line and clear your head of any past mistakes or game stresses.

Q: What does better than ever mean to you?

A: To me, better than ever means never being satisfied with where you are. Being proud of where you have gotten to is important, but to be better than ever means always searching for ways to grow.