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KQ - Tips || Effective Marking

KQ - Tips || Effective Marking

Hey! I am back with more things that helped me in this sport!!


Having a good mark is tough because it involves being in a good athletic position and actively contesting. It requires a lot of energy. Here are a couple things that were never made obvious to me.

  1. Stay on your toes. This allows you to contest with your body position instead of just your reach. It essentially allows for you to cover more ground and be quick to react to your opponents pivots.
  2. Curl your arms slightly inward on the mark. This concept is new to me. I wanted to understand why my teammates were so much better at contesting throws than me. A lot of players arch their arms outwards which actually decreases the amount of space you are contesting. Instead, curl just slightly inwards to close the gap between you and your opponent. This applies more pressure and allows for you to react to the throw better.
  3. Use you brain. Anticipate the throw. Remember where you were beat. Adjust throughout a game. Being able to learn throughout a match up and having a decisive plan is extremely valuable to your team defence. 
Ask Yourself...
  1. Am I able to quickly shuffle side to side?
  2. Are my arms slightly curled inwards and stretched as far as they can?
  3. Where did I just get beat? Did he/she throw inside low last time? How can I adjust my mark? How can I talk to my teammates and adjust our defensive strategy?

Please let me know if you want me to clarify or if you have ideas of your own!